Kent Handheld NIR Imaging Device (KC-203)

Kent recently released its new hand-held imaging device for sale in Canada having completed the necessary ISO 13485 certification and market clearances from Health Canada. The device is intended for use by healthcare professionals to obtain a non-invasive tissue oxygenation measurement that reports an approximate value of oxygen saturation (StO2), relative oxyhemoglobin level (HbO2), and relative deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) level in superficial tissue. The resultant data is displayed using two-dimensional color-coded images.

The Kent NIR Device is being used to understand tissue oxygenation in wounds and surgery so as to set the most effective path to healing. This high-speed device is easy to use and is non-invasive (does not require injectable dyes or patient contact). The device allows for unlimited imaging by the physician and can store thousands of images.  It is extremely portable weighing only 5 pounds and has a battery life of 8+ hours.

Contact Kent Imaging for further details on the device.