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Kent Imaging Exhibited at the Spring SAWC Meeting in San Antonio

Posted April 01, 2015

Kent Imaging attended its first conference demonstrating the technology to the wound care market at the SAWC Spring meeting in San Antonio Texas on April 29th this year. While demonstrating the... Read Full Announcement

Co-developed OCT spectroscopy device moving to clinical testing

Posted January 02, 2015

Kent Imaging announced today that an OCT spectroscopy device, co-developed with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), is moving to clinical testing.  The completed new technology is... Read Full Announcement

Italian research group initiate study

Posted January 01, 2015

An Italian research group has submitted a protocol which will use the Kent Camera in an upcoming study to examining the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in venous ulcers.  The study will... Read Full Announcement

Advisory Committee Update

Posted November 01, 2014

Kent Imaging announced today that Peggy Dotson and Matthew Livingston have joined Kent’s advisory committee.  Ms. Dotson is a business executive with over 35 years of experience in the...

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